The Community Art Center's bus sets up shop outside the Innovation Playground

We work with local nonprofits to provide campus venues for meetings and fundraisers, classroom space for tutoring, and recruitment of MIT volunteers.

Nonprofit Partners

MIT volunteers prepare for a day of service

MIT's Community Engagement Approach

MIT cares deeply about its host community and Cambridge neighbors. The Institute’s students, faculty, and staff are committed to supporting the City and nonprofit partners in addressing the needs of our local community. With that mission in mind, we approach supporting nonprofits through multiple avenues, depending on the unique needs of the individual organization.

Facility Use

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Our office is often able to serve as a sponsor for local groups wishing to hold events on the MIT campus providing a place to congregate, meet, and celebrate. OGCR considers requests primarily from government groups and Cambridge-based nonprofit agencies with which MIT has a relationship. If you would like to inquire about facility use for your organization or event, please send a written request (mail or email) to the office that includes information about your organization, the nature of your event, dates, attendees, and your contact information.


Example Events include:

  • Fundraisers & galas
  • Ceremonies
  • Workshops or training
  • Conferences
  • Board retreats
  • Concerts
  • Athletic competitions
  • Meetings
BoSTEM hosts its summer camp in a MIT classroom

MIT Community Service Fund

Student volunteers work with Clubes de Sciencias

The MIT Community Service Fund (CSF) was established in 1968 to support the efforts of MIT volunteers and partners in the community by providing grants to local service projects. 

PKG Public Service Center

PKG Center volunteers prepare for a day of work.

OGCR works with the MIT PKG Public Service Center to support public service learning activities. The PKG Center expands MIT students’ unique skills and interests to prepare them to explore and address complex social and environmental challenges. Students collaborate ethically and effectively with community partners to engage in meaningful public service, today and in their lives beyond MIT.

Connecting with Nonprofits

An MIT volunteer delivers supplies to a local nonprofit

The Institute promotes volunteerism through opportunities that reflect the goodwill and the innovative culture of MIT. The Institute provides guidance, resources, and support to find and/or create fulfilling service experiences. OGCR is available to assist MIT individuals, student groups, and departments in identifying local organizations for fundraising and/or volunteer work. Please contact us to learn more.

Sharing Expertise

As leading experts in their fields, members of the MIT community sometimes serve as advisors to government agencies and community-based organizations on specific issues or projects.

Board Participation

Members of the MIT community provide expertise and access to Institute resources by serving on dozens of boards and committees at a variety of nonprofits and civic entities. Staff also serve on committees and task forces on topics related to public policy issues that impact the broader community. Please contact OGCR if your organization is interested in connecting with a member of the Institute community.


OGCR makes donations to nonprofit programs and organizations that are integral to the well-being of the broader community. As a nonprofit itself, MIT's resources and endowment are directed towards its principal mission of teaching and research that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. However, the Institute also supports local nonprofits through the provision of modest donations in support of direct service delivery. Most of the funds budgeted for this purpose are used to support organizations in Cambridge with which the Institute has a strong connection. MIT cannot make contributions to political campaigns or events. If you would like to inquire about receiving financial sponsorship for your organization or event, please send a written request to the office (by email or mail) that includes:

  • Information about your organization (including the location of its headquarters)

  • How the funds would be used and the nature of your event

  • Your contact information (including email and mailing addresses).

If OGCR is able to make a contribution, a staff member will contact you.