Sarah Gallop, Co-Director

Sarah joined the Office of the President in 1990. Her role in the Office of Government and Community Relations involves serving as a liaison to the Cambridge government and community, working with citizens, elected officials, businesses, regulatory bodies, and advocacy organizations on projects and issues of mutual interest. Over the years, Sarah has participated on numerous City task forces and committees on local policy matters including transportation, zoning, land use, personnel searches, and "Town-Gown" topics. Sarah also represents MIT on the boards of several local nonprofit and civic organizations.

Prior to taking her position at MIT, Sarah worked in the Boston city government in a variety of capacities related to housing, construction, and community and economic development.

Paul Parravano, Co-Director

Paul has been a part of the Office of the President since 1991. In the Office of Government and Community Relations, Paul fosters communication and understanding between the Institute and all levels of government, major constituency groups, and MIT's surrounding community. He serves as MIT's campus federal relations officer, accompanying MIT's President on regular visits to Washington and hosting campus visits by elected officials and other dignitaries. In Cambridge, Paul works to strengthen MIT's involvement in science education for K-12 teachers and students through a growing list of partnerships, especially with the Cambridge Public Schools. Paul also represents the Institute by sitting on the boards of several local nonprofit and civic organizations.

Prior to his employment at MIT, Paul worked as a staff attorney in a civil rights consulting firm in the Boston area, providing advice and consultation for corporations on the implementation of civil rights regulations.

Anya Alexandra Bear, Government and Community Relations Associate

Anya joined the Office of Government and Community Relations in 2008. She engages with a broad range of Cambridge non-profits, departments, and individuals, and collaborates with Insitute staff on a variety of projects both internal and external to MIT. Anya also represents the Insitute by serving on local nonprofit and civic boards and committees, and provides guidance to organizations looking to collaborate with MIT.

Before coming to MIT, Anya worked in the Office of the Attorney General as consumer rights advocate, mediator, and outreach coordinator.

Ashley Kennedy, Communications and Finance Coordinator

Ashley Kennedy has worked at MIT since 2011. Ashley produces communications and materials for the office and office-sponsored events, including program advertisements. She also provides administrative support to the Government and Community Relations Associate and Co-Directors, handles the office finances, and serves as staff to the Community Service Fund Board.

Before coming to MIT, Ashley supported intergovernmental relations and communications efforts for a county government office in Florida.

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